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I had 2 fillings redone on my bottom left teeth. One was done a few weeks ago, and the other one about a week ago.

One of these teeth (I'm pretty sure the one I had done first) is giving me problems. Several times I've noticed I get throbbing pains when I drink something warm, and the pain lingers forever. I think cold stops the pain.

From what I understood, sensitivity to heat could be nerve or pulp damage. I also have pressure sensitivity on that tooth, and I've had the bite adjusted twice. It is a rather large filling, although not too deep. The tooth is not turning gray or anything.

Is there anything I can do to reverse this? Would following the same procedure for reversing tooth decay work for this? I want to avoid root canals at all costs.

Please help! I need this side of my mouth to heal so I can get those darn amalgams replaced on the other side of my mouth! TIA!
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