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help! severe eczema

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My dd of 28 months has severe eczema, and I was wondering what some other moms with the same problem did. I can basically only use burts bees, or Dr B.'s on her, and a medicated lotion. I haven't done a food allergy test but how common are food sensitivities related to eczema? because her ped. never has suggested to watch for those kind of sensitivities
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Try Dr. Sears elimination diet. I don't know of any kids w/ eczema who DON"T have food allergies.
Try a search for eczema in this forum - so much good information!
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Our son is 33 months old and has had eczema since 5 months. We recently took him to a holistic pediatrician and she told us to start giving him an omega 3 supplement. It has helped him tremendously. We decided to use fish oil. We have Marine Omega capsules from a company called Pharmanex(my mom is affiliated with them). We puncture the capsule and put it in a small portion of his food and we feed him that portion first. The actual oil has no flavor. It does have a slight smell but not offensive enough that he won't eat it. We give him two capsules a day which equals about 2200mg. We tried cutting back to one capsule but he flared up again. The H.P. said that you can't overdose them on fish oil.
oh, i am so sorry! my 4mo dd had severe eczema (her whole face looked like bright red sandpaper, and it spread to her chest and arms too). i went to and looked up eczema. i followed the suggestions on their website, and i have seen a MAJOR improvment in her skin. good luck!
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Eczema on our babies is so awful!! My son had it for the first three years of his life. Every doc I went to gave him a stronger steriod and swore to me that food allergies don't cause eczema. I finally took him off of cow milk and he drinks only goat milk. The eczema is completely gone and his behavior has improved immensly.
Yeah, food allergies and eczema pretty much walk around like chums. I would test the top 8 and see what happens.

The top 8: peanuts, tree nuts, soy, fish, seafood, wheat, eggs, and milk or dairy. Eggs are major.
The other biggest thing that you can do besides food elimination is to add Acidophilus to his diet. I can't emphasize this enough. There are several studies that show that kids who are taking acidophilus have fewer allergies or less severe. My ds#2 has the same problem and when it starts to pop up I remember to add acidophilus back into his diet and it goes away.

You can buy a powdered form at the health food store and make sure that it is dairy free (harder to come by but they all have at least one brand)...remember that casein or lactase/lactose are forms of dairy.
anyone reccomend good (dairy free) forms of acidophillus?
We use Pharmax Neonate which is dairy free for DS who is under 1 years old.
Where do you get it and how much did it cost?
I just googled pharmax neonate and it has lactose in it. It's just casein-free.
Burts Bees has almond oil in it, and nuts are one of the major allergen groups.

We use Culturelle, a probiotic that contains Lactobacillus GG, which has been shown to be beneficial to infants with E. get it at CVS. If your local CVS doesn't carry it, they can order it for you, and if you don't have a local CVS, you can get it online.
Also, I just wanted to point out for those that are just starting on this journey, that fish oil and cod liver oil are not one in the same. They are both good for treating E, but if you use cod liver oil, make sure that you check with your health practitioner about the vitamin D level. If the D level is high and your child gets a lot of sun, they may be getting to much D.
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