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My baby started to get sick last Wed. He had a rash and was fussy. The rash went away after a day then Sat. at 4 am he woke with Tummy pains and threw up. He woke up once an hour until 7am, seemed like he was trying tp poop which he did a little. He seemed uncomfortable all day and kept pooping a little. I gave him a bit of pear juice thinking he was having some problems from starting some solids. He only eats a little and nurses a lot.
Then he projectile vomitted last night around 7 and seemed to feel better, then about 9 had more pains and pooped again. His poor butt seems sore .
this morning he woke up at 2:30 crying and pooping some more. then woke up ar 6:30 more poop. So today he slept a lot nursed a little, then vomitted again around 5. And pooped again this time it was a yellow green color, not to be gross, and his vomit is like nasty curdled milk!
He nursed a little and is sleeping again.
Should I be really worried. My dd never vomitted when she was a I dont know if I should worry or not. Im so tired and feel so bad for my little guy
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