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726 Posts was a cakewalk with the proper nutrition.

Please go over to the Vax forum and search for FEVER.

You should find a great post by Hilary on the importance of it.

IMO, fever is part of the body's immune mechanism and should not be messed with until it gets to about 105.

My son's fever reached 103.4 during his measles, but by the end his immune system had the situation so in control that he barely got a rash at the end-- very light, limited to his chest and back-- no face and limbs. See "convince me to skip MMR" over at Vax for full story.

Breastmilk, Vit.A, Vit. C , goodpapa's probiotic yogurt (probiotic yogurt is especially good if you're no longer breastfeeding as it enhances a baby's ability to produce ImmunoglobulinA in their gut.) No matter what your son has, whether viral or bacterial, the above "medicine" would be good for him.

Even if my son's fever had reached 105, I would have used cool compresses to lower it and not drugs.

At 21 months it's definitely time for him to experience some illness.

There is no better way for the immune system to strengthen than through function.

Let food be your medicine and medicine be your food,

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