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Help! Soaker cuffs

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Am I ruined? I'm about to have a fit. I'm just about done with my first soaker, having mastered knitting in the round AND a beautiful kitchener stitch. I just tried picking up stitches with my circulars for some ribbed cuffs and it just seems like there are too few stitches on my needles and I pulled it out and now they look all stretched out and messy! Am I supposed to use dpn for cuffs? I've never used them before! I only have one set, size 7 and my circulars are a 6. Will this matter if I figure out what to do with them? Is my soaker ruined?????
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I would use the larger DPNs and hope that the rib will compensate for the difference. One size up is really not that much.

Your soaker is not ruined- the stitches will pull back into place. When you pick up stitches- don't just "snag a loop" from your existing knitting... you can pull a loop of your working yarn up through some of the gaps between stitches- this makes a much gentler way of picking up stitches without distorting the original work.
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