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help! son almost 4 still poops like a baby!

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And by that I mean, mushy, unformed poop. It plops as one wet pile in the potty, and this has been the case all his life. I wonder if some food sensitivitiy is in play, but I can't figure it out.
He's been a very trying, complicated kid since day 1 (behaviorally, not just digestively speaking)... we've tested and ruled out developmental issues, celiac, and certain food alergies, but if this signals anything to you, let me know, we'll check into it!

I figured this was normal as a baby, and as a toddler, but at his age....? even his little sis has drier, shaped stool by now!

so, what could it be?
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Could it be a reflection of his diet? If he eats mostly whole grains and fruits/ veggies, this could know, not much dairy/meat/protein? Fwiw, my ds had poops like this until beyong three years old. Does yours poop frequently, or a "normal" number of times? I think you are wise to look into allergies and sensitivities. My ds is quite a challenge behaviorally and we never really pursued any of that.
he poops once a day on average.

his diet... primarily PBJ sandwiches, the rest of his daily diet is fruit, salad, cereal with milk (sometimes cow, sometimes soy sometimes rice), and cereal bars or granola bars.

Mostly he's a "sandwich and bars" kid who will eat anything. He loves fruit and salad.
But he often refuses all food. some days he eats lots, some days he just won't eat a thing all day.

special needs wise, he didn't qualify for a diagnosis except SID/regulatory disorder and so he had speech and occupational therapy.
I'd try a test run on eliminating wheat. We have/had the same issues with dd and ds. Both have been tested for celiac and were negative, but that only means that they aren't gluten intolerant, not that they aren't sensitive to wheat products. It sounds like he's getting TONS of wheat and grains.
ITA with Tayndrewsmama....

I have celiac sprue, and my BM's were like that before (and still are occasionally if I eat too much fruit)

If he only had the blood test done for celiac, that is not always reliable, as many people are very sensitive to gluten, yet the blood test only shows *true* celiac sprue (where your villi are damaged)

Try eliminating gluten stuff for just a month if you can... and see if it improves. It took me a couple of weeks to notice a difference, but once I did, it was unquestionable. For his PBJ's, you can put them on rice cakes if he'll eat that... I have grown to love mine like that

Maybe cut back on some of the fruits too? Like I said, my BMs will still be like that if I have eaten too many apples
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Was he in the NICU by any chance? Did you test positive for GBS and recieve antibiotics?

There's a bunch of us in the Healing the Gut thread who are working w/this same issue---and healing
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thanks for the gluiten tip! I had no idea that his negative test didn't mean the issue was settled!
I will imediately do all the GF research and get him started with that!

and I'll find that gut-healing group... but no, he wasn't in the NICU, and there were no anitbiotics during pregnancy or nursing.
What is GBS? My ds was in the NICU for a couple hours only and got abx at six months, but dd wasn't and they both have the same issues.
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Group B Step.

There was a letter to the editor, 2 or 3 issues back of Mothering. It was about a study that looked at kids w/autism, ADD/ADHD, PDD NOS, more likely to have vax damage, etc. There were a bunch of things these kids had in common, it was fascinating.

What does this have to do w/poop?? If your gut ain't happy, you have consequences. Allergies, eczema, etc. Your gut and your immune system are connected. Receiving antibiotics, for example, which can and do destroy the resident gut flora, can cause lifelong problems. But there are other things as well (as OP's child didn't get antibiotics). I would be surprised if her DS didn't meet some of the criteria, especially b/c the OP points to behavioral issues as well.

I posted about this letter, let me see if I can find it. I'll be back. See post #124

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thanks for that link, yes we have plenty of those factors in play

hopefully I'll read the other hundreds of posts tomorow.
he did today GF just from what we had around (yogurt, rice cakes, corn cereals w/soy milk, grapes). I have tons to learn.
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so, here's our update.
we've seen the Ped gastro, Ped allergy, and regular allergy doctors.
we did 10 days gluten free (gave up) and 6 weeks diary free

we've found he has very high igE but the only food allergy is a small reaction to milk. we've done blood tests and 3 sets of skin testing.

All 3 docs recommend endoscopic biopsy. That makes me more open to the idea, which will be discussed along with new stool test results in a couple weeks with the Ped GI.

we're cutting out dairy for 6 weeks (again) along with a behavior diary
(he has seirous rage/agression/hyperactivity issues and sensory integration disorder)
The UCSF Ped allergist asked for that, suggetsing Allergic Tension/Fatigue Syndrome.

we're also persuing ADHD and Asperger's Syndrome with the regular ped and a developmental/behavioral ped.
I just want him to be happy! He has so few peaceful, content moments. It's rough to be him.
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