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Help! Son's foreskin is

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puffy and swollen. i let the dr. look at it. He almost retracted him but I stopped him. whew. According to the dr. it's an infection of the foreskin. I was told to pull back the foreskin to open it but was warned against retracting it. Sounds like retracting to me.
: Then he said if I get sick of dealing with this we can circ him. Well, that's not going to happen!

Ds's foreskin looks better today but is still puffy on one side. It doesn't seem to bother him and didn't yesterday either.

I've been letting him be naked and using a triple antibotic(sp?) oinment on it.
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Maybe Frank will have a better answer, but in my experience with my sons there are 3 things that work...

If you are still breastfeeding, put some expressed milk directly onto the area.

Try soaks in the tub with just plain water.

Try soaks in the tub with grapefruit seed extract- just a very few drops!

More time without diapers/underwear- "air-out time".

No bubble baths. If he's swimming in chlorinated water, rinse him/have him soak after if its seems to irritate him.

As for the doctor, he sounds like he's expecting "This type of thing" to happen a lot just because the kids is intact. Not good! He for sure doesn't sound like he needs a circ....
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Also holding his penis under running water(pulling back just the loose skin) in the bath and sprinkling a few drops of tea tree are good.My son got this a few times and we had to cut out sugars from his diet.His urine was too acidic.
How old is ds? Sometimes just shaking a bit after peeing solves the problem for little guys that aren't retracting yet. Of course, if he is in dipes thats useless advice.

I would just put some cream at the top, without focing it in. I hear you can use the same cream for yeast infections,but somebody else might know more.
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Thank you for all the advice. I knew i'd get help here.

Ds is 3 1/2 months old no shaking Also I can't eliminate sugar from his diet, he's solely breastfed. Raven moon- Wouldn't straight TTO sting? Alot?But I will try putting some breastmilk on it- goodness knows I have enough!lol

Don't do anything. Your son will be just fine tomorrow. I've been meaning to write a post to be a sticky about this and I've been lazy. I'm going to get it done and post it as "Red, Swollen or Inflamed Foreskin?" I'll go ahead and post it and ask Laralou to make it into a sticky afterward.

Then he said if I get sick of dealing with this we can circ him.
Goodness, and if he gets an ingrown fingernail, would he just have it amputated? What about an ear infection? Just whack off the outer ear? And if you don't feel like dealing with teeth, would the doctor offer to just pull them all out? What an idiot. And to think, he went to medical school to learn this. And he's dishing the same crap out to other moms who don't know any better. Your little guy is very lucky.
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