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Well I love the Mutt diapers, they dry fast since they have a snap in liner that is a tri fold and they can work well for my daughter who pees a lot in my mind. I also like 7th Heaven but they are a bit harder to get ahold of in the larges and they are more expensive than the mutts. Mutts seem to have instock a lot of the time and the 3 step rise is AWESOME, that will likely be the main thing in my next babies stash because they work so well for us.

I also have a quick dry Firefly which I like a lot as well and it holds up well for the pees as well.

I have been using more of the unbleached cpf's at home just because I feel they are the least amount on her butt to play in and I change her after every pee if we are at home anyways.
But with those I could go at least 2 pees, it is just my preference to not have her sit in it at all!!!

Good luck in your quest, I know it has been hard for me to find the perfect diapers but I think I have found some faves. I do still use my pockets when I go out and about like to town. When I go to my moms and stuff too still as I only have one wool cover here, with more that I have ordered, but I don't like to have it wet when it comes to bedtime because I like to use it then!
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