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Help - Teething at 7 weeks

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DD is teething already. I am so unprepared... Nothing is helping. Ive read a lot of the other posts about teething but its different because she cant hold the teethers to help herself. She is only calmed by nursing, which is fine while we're home... but I have to go to work, so what should she do while she is at day care? Baby ora-gel doesnt work because she doesnt like it... Then she finally takes a nap and is upset again when it wears off... We're going to try hyland teething tablets tomorrow... What else can I do to help her? She likes cold breastmilk, but my mom said that will give her a tummy ache? What have you done to help your babes? Can I put her pacifier in the fridge and give her that? Will that even help since its more on her tongue than her teeth?
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