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Help - Teething at 7 weeks

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DD is teething already. I am so unprepared... Nothing is helping. Ive read a lot of the other posts about teething but its different because she cant hold the teethers to help herself. She is only calmed by nursing, which is fine while we're home... but I have to go to work, so what should she do while she is at day care? Baby ora-gel doesnt work because she doesnt like it... Then she finally takes a nap and is upset again when it wears off... We're going to try hyland teething tablets tomorrow... What else can I do to help her? She likes cold breastmilk, but my mom said that will give her a tummy ache? What have you done to help your babes? Can I put her pacifier in the fridge and give her that? Will that even help since its more on her tongue than her teeth?
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sometimes i will freeze haye's soother with breastmilk on it.
he likes it a lot.
what about a wet dishcloth to chew on?
My ds started teething at 2 months and had 2 teethat 4months. It was a long 2 months...
s It's hard when they are so little and we are so unprepared. I used hylands teething tablets on him, only I gave him 1 tablet instead of 2. I also used 1/2 frozen wash cloths, and yes I put his paci in the fridge and got it cold. I also would take a finger brush and rub his gums. Also diluted clove oil works much better than Baby orajel and it doesn't contain all the sugar. My ds had weak enamel and I beleive that the baby orajel contributed to his first cavities. I hope this helps a little. I don't know about the cold breastmilk tummy ache thing. My ds also had it warmed a little, when he would take it.
Oh also gripe water works really well for teething.
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You should also try Bach's Rescue Remedy. It worked great on my ds especially at night.

If you EBF for the daycare/sitter, maybe have them put the nipple of the bottle into a freezer with a little EBM on/in it so that when your babe needs something, that is there to use.

Good luck-I'm starting to deal with the canines and molars that are starting to emerge!
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If babe will take your milk cold it should be fine. My ds never minded!
Thanks for the help! These are all great ideas... I'll try these next time she is upset.
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