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My DD is working on "the tooth that never comes in". Seriously, she has been working on this 3rd bottom tooth for soooo long and this last wk it is just bothering her so much. She is constantly whining and sorta cries and smacks at her face and mouth. Wakes a lot at night etc.

Hylands don' help at all and neither does hyland's or ambesol ointment.

Chamomila homeopathic works great normally, but right now it does nothing. She actually asks for the little remedies painkiller stuff even tho she hates the taste of it. That brand has no dyes, no artificial flavors, no aspartame. I don't mind using it on occasion and usually just 1/4 to 1/2 dose is enough. But this week she has needed it every night or cannot sleep. Ugh!!! ANd today she is miserable. i don't wnat to give it to her all day and all ngiht.

So any other ideas? Will it work if i give her extra of the chamomila? i don't know much about homeopathics. Ice etc only temporarily helps.

I don't think allopathic meds are bad on occasion when really needed, but this is too much for my comfort.

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