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Help! Thrush, GSE, and resistant nursling.

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So, for the first time in 38 mos. of nursing, I have thrush. My nipples and my 3 mo. old's mouth display all the symptoms- burning, shiny red nipples, and white patches in his mouth, along with pained crying and pulling off of the breast a lot. I also have a vaginal yeast infection.
We are treating with GSE- 15 drops in 1 oz. distilled water, my nips, babe's mouth every hour. Been doing this for about 8 hours now, and it seems like my nipples are a little less red already. So I'm hopeful that it's working, but now we have a huge problem.
My 3 yr. old screamed his head off when I tried to swab his mouth and says he won't let me do it "never again". I won't let him nurse and reinfect me unless his mouth is swabbed. We're at a standoff and neither of us plans on caving- does this mean weaning? Can I not treat him, since he has no symptoms? Can I just treat my nipples after nursing him and let him be? Has anyone found a way to make GSE more palatable? He say's it is "spicy" and "yucky"- things he can usually get past (for instance, he will take straight echinacea if I bribe him with nursing afterwards, and he'll eat spicy foods).
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GSE can act as a systemic, so all you need to do is get him to swallow some. You could mix a few drops in some food and get him to take it that way.
that's what I was going to suggest. We add the appropriate amount to a drink for th ekids, usually a smoothie. However, your strength sounds too undiluted, that may be the problem. I usually use 12 drops in 6 oz of water, so that's about 2 drops and ounce. That may be why he protests, if it's too strong it can be painful.

I am going by the directions for using GSE here:

Julian is letting me swab his mouth now but he is still whiny about it, I will try putting a few drops in some V8 for him. Should I still do it every hour?
It's weird because Luka doesn't seem to mind it at all, but I guess he's too young to be picky.
Also, I haven't noticed much of an improvement yet. My nipples looked better this morning but look worse again now.
GSE worked really well on my daughter, but she only had a light coating on her tongue. You may need to increase the concentration for yourself, but be careful as it can dry your nipples out (it did me). You may want to consider taking GSE capsules, which would help with your vaginal infection, too. You take 250 mg 3x a day, in between meals. There are also other supplements you can take that have antifungal properties (caprylic acid, pau d'arco, oregano oil). Make sure you are treating your laundry properly (very hot water) and avoid wearing a bra and nursing pads, if possible. I had to deal with thrush for 3 months. It can be persistant.
just wanted to add that it wouldn't hurt for all of you to take some acidophilus bifidus or other probiotic if you're not already. i give it to my kids every day to maintain a healthy balance in our bodies to keep yeast at bay. it might be all your DS needs if he's not showing symptoms, and they sell chewable ones that my daughter begs for.

also, if you're not already, you may want to use some of that GSE solution on baby's diaper area to make sure baby doesn't develop a yeast rash. and if you're cloth diapering, you can add some GSE to the laundry (and to your underwear/bra/breastpad laundry) to make sure you don't reinfect yourself.
Hey there.
I just cleared up thrush in both my nurslings and myself last week.
I mixed the GSE with liquid Stevia and it worked like a charm. My toddler even asked to swab a second time each application.

I used 2 oz water, 40 drops of GSE and several droppers full of Stevia until the GSE tasted sweet and not nasty.
I swabbed all 3 of us with a q-tip every hour for several days.
I couldn't have done it otherwise.
I also second the capsules if you plan to take it. I drank a bit of GSE diluted in water and it gave me the heebie-jeebies for an hour afterward.

Jay Gordans website is helpful.
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