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Help transitioning dd to childcare

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It looks like I'm very close to getting a job
which I am over the moon about. I have found a daycare I like, and am on a waiting list - looks like dd can get in there in the summer. Until then, a friend has agreed to watch her at her house

DD is 3, almost 3 1/2. I've been a full time SAHM her entire life. The job is full time (couldn't find part time). How can I help make the transition easier? I'm worried dd will freak. At home, she eats when she's hungry, doesn't nap, and we are out and about a lot. Daycare is more structured, with nap/rest times, snack times, and outdoor times. It's a lovely, small facility, but it will be different than home, YKWIM? I want to care for her spirit, I don't want to traumatize her! But I also really, really want to work.
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