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Right now each of my dd's has their own room. I would like them to share. My two dd's are always together anyway, they just sleep in seperate rooms. My older dd (8) has the master bedroom and my 2 yr old has a tiny bedroom.<br><br>
We are moving in 6 weeks, and I want them to share for sure in the new place but i was thinking about starting now, just moving younger dd in to older dd's room asap. THis way they can get used to eachother so its not so overwhelming with all the change in the new place.<br><br>
Besides, younger dd has been sleeping terribly lately and I am hoping that having another body in the room with her will help. She just might hop in bed with older dd and make my life easier! Of course it coudl go the other way and she coudl make older dd crazy <img alt="" class="inlineimg" src="" style="border:0px solid;" title="orange big grin"><br><br>
So what is your advise? Should I just do it now or wait for the move? Any tips on getting them used to eachother? I am worried about my toddler, not my older girl so much. Any advise would be great. Thanks!
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