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In two weeks, DS and I are going to Mexico so that he can meet his grandparents and his 100's of cousins, aunts and uncles down there. Until recently, I've been feeling pretty calm about the whole thing... I've been reading up on plane travel with a toddler, safety measures, etc. But, now, all of a sudden, I'm getting a little panicky.

The problem is that DS is *very* attached to DH. A month ago, we visited my parents w/o DH and, by the third day, it had almost become a mantra: "papa, papa, papa..." He'd look for DH before bed and he'd look for DH first thing in the morning. We actually came back a day early because both my "boys" were missing each other something terrible. Since then, DS can't bear to see his papa walking away from him and he's been much clingier (not my favorite word, but you know what I mean...)

We'll be in Mexico for eight days. I'm so worried that this is going to be traumatic for DS. What can I do to make this less stressful for him? He's only 15 mo, but I've been sort of talking about the trip with him nonetheless--it's the only thing I can think to do to get him ready for such a big adventure.

Any advice/perspective is welcome...
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