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Here is what I have planned for my nb stash. Babe isn't due until Dec so I have plenty of time to shop (wisely?? hehehehehe!) I tend to have pretty small babies and nb sized fit Ella until she was almost 8 or 10 weeks old.

2 dozen preemie cpfs
( I already have WAAAAYYY too many infant to mention!)

12 Nanipoos nb fitteds
10 Harleyz nb fitteds
6 Kissaluv size 0s
2 FluffyMail snap free fitteds

4 Harleyz

4 Harleyz

7 Proraps nb
2 Harleyz nb/sm PUL
1 Harleyz wool
1 I'm not telling who said she would knit me one

1 beautiful soaker by Tinker on eBay
4 nb/sm mommy made wool soaker pants

Any more suggestions?? I did want to mention that Jamie at CPC sent me a gorgeous dyed and hand painted preemie pf
I am sooo tempted to get a few more!
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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