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Help two more crunchy people find a way to move to Seattle!

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Ok, I know everyone wants to move there. But, I'm so jealous of all of you living in Seattle! DH and I SOOOOO belong there with you. Please help us find a way to move there. We just need to find a halfway decent job for one of us.

We're from Berkeley but we're living in the Netherlands for a few years while DH does a postdoc. He has a PhD in environmental engineering from UC Berkeley, he does mostly research and can find his own funding if need be. I have a Masters in Public Policy from Princeton and do health policy research (U.S. and international).

DH has a few contacts at UW, but otherwise no other leads. I haven't seen much as far as research associate/assistant jobs for myself at UW, and I don't seem to have enough experience for the Gates Foundation (they seem to want 10+ years).

Anyone have other ideas for where either of us should look?

Thanks so much for ANY ideas!
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I'm sorry I don't have any contacts to offer, but I'd love to meet with you if you're ever here, I'm very interested in public policy and I'm considering applying to the UW program.
Thanks mija! We probably won't be visiting Seattle for a little while still, but I'm starting to try to figure out whether there are any non-profits, think tanks, other universities, consulting companies, etc. that we should be looking at. Definitely PM me though if I can be of help with the policy stuff--I do know that the UW program is supposed to be really good.
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