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The pillow goes on your shoulder. When you put the sling on, make sure the rings are by the little hollow in front of your shoulder joint, not on top of your shoulder or up by your neck, and that the padded area is capping the ball of your shoulder. Now, take the bottom "rail" of the sling and pull it up against your stomach to create a pocket for the baby to sit in. With this type of sling, it's good to think of the outer rail as the baby's headrest, rather than having his head in the fold or up against the rings. It's harder to do upright carries with this type of sling since you can't tighten just the top rail, but if you have a bigger baby you might be able to do it. Here are some links to pictures of using this type of sling (padded, closed-tail ring slings):
Some of the people in the last link have the baby a little low, though. Ideally the baby's lowest point should be at about your waist. High and tight is the way to go to keep your back from hurting. HTH!
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