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Help w/finding good anti-depressant please!

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Hello all - I have been following threads regarding antidepressants here at Mothering - somehow I feel better knowing other natural mamas are on them too. :p Anyway, I used to be on Zoloft about eight years ago (I took it for 2 years). It worked very well, although sometimes I had chest pains. About two years ago I went on Celexa, but I gained 40 pounds (not like me). I have been battling with anxiety/depression again lately, and so tried Prozac, but that made me anxious/couldn't sleep/overly tired. SO...I tried the Zoloft again (I tried new meds first as getting off the Zoloft before was hell).

So now the Zoloft is working great, BUT I am now experiencing irregular heart beats and chest pains. So the doc told me to get off. My question is - can anybody recommend a good AD that is similar to Zoloft and that won't make me gain weight? How about Effexor? (I have heard some people mention that one.) I thought of Paxil, but have heard weaning off of that one is torturous. Would the Prozac side effects go away after a time?

I need help. I am quite frustrated with all this.
I will ask my doctor of course, but was hoping to hear from somebody who has actually taken the medication.

(Been done BF for awhile - whew!)

Thank you all very much....
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