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Help w/finding good anti-depressant please!

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Hello all - I have been following threads regarding antidepressants here at Mothering - somehow I feel better knowing other natural mamas are on them too. Anyway, I used to be on Zoloft about eight years ago (I took it for 2 years). It worked very well, although sometimes I had chest pains. About two years ago I went on Celexa, but I gained 40 pounds (not like me). I have been battling with anxiety/depression again lately, and so tried Prozac, but that made me anxious/couldn't sleep/overly tired. SO...I tried the Zoloft again (I tried new meds first as getting off the Zoloft before was hell).

So now the Zoloft is working great, BUT I am now experiencing irregular heart beats and chest pains. So the doc told me to get off. My question is - can anybody recommend a good AD that is similar to Zoloft and that won't make me gain weight? How about Effexor? (I have heard some people mention that one.) I thought of Paxil, but have heard weaning off of that one is torturous. Would the Prozac side effects go away after a time?

I need help. I am quite frustrated with all this.
I will ask my doctor of course, but was hoping to hear from somebody who has actually taken the medication.

(Been done BF for awhile - whew!)

Thank you all very much....
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Some people do well to switch to Wellbutrin. It is in a different category of medication than the ones you've mentioned and from what I hear tends to have fewer side effects.
You asked about Effexor. Effexor works on different neurotransmitters than regular SSRIs. (I believe it acts on dopamine and norepinephrine, as well as serotonin.) I was told a few years ago that doctors will usually try you on this if you don't respond to regular SSRIs. Not that a doctor wouldn't prescribe it to you off the bat, but I think they're more comfortable with SSRIs because as a class of medication they've been around longer.

I used Effexor once a few years back, and then again during pregnancy. It worked great the first time, not so well during pregnancy. I had to switch to Zoloft a few weeks ago because the Effexor was worthless for me postpartum. Still, when I used it a few years back, it was a godsend.

I can't promise you that it would work better or worse for you, because every brain chemistry is different!

I wanted to give you a warning on Effexor, though: I find that the stuff is wicked nasty when weaning. Expect to feel horrible as you decrease your dosage. I've never been on Paxil, but I can't imagine that weaning off of that is worse than weaning off of Effexor. Also, your body will definitely let you know if you miss a dose. Talk about feeling lousy!

One of my relatives is on Wellbutrin and seems to like it quite a lot, but I don't know any details about his experience.

Sorry I can't provide you with a magic bullet answer.
I really hope that you can find something that will work for you. Best wishes!
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Did Celexa work well for you other than the weight gain? I take Lexapro (10 mg). Lexapro is the "new generation" of Celexa and is an SSRI. They apparenting isolated the active part of Celexa and so you have to take a lot less overall quantity for it to work similarly. Might be worth a look. I have not gained weight with Lexapro. (I have not lost weight, either, but oh well!) I also take some St. John's Wort but that wasn't enough - Lexapro was just the extra push I needed to stay out of the downward spiral.

Good luck!

Effexor and Paxil have wicked withdrawl effect when weaning. Both have a very short half life. Wellbutrin and lexapro sound like good bets. They're suppose to be purer drugs too. Hope you find something that works. I just switched from paxil to prozac. I feel a little better on prozac. I didn't like the addictive-like qualities of the paxil.
I used to take Prozac then doc switched to Remeron (mirtazapine). I liked it much better than Prozac...didn't have any weight gain and it wasn't supposed to decrease libido ( I still think it did though).

I haven't been on them for nearly 4 years now though, because of pregnancy and nursing. I changed my diet (got rid of alot of carbs) and my depression is definitely better than it ever was now that I am anti-depressant drug free, regularly seeing a chiropractor, and have eliminated a lot of refined sugars and carbs from my diet.

Have you looked into any natural alternatives? I hear that cranial sacral therapy and acupuncture can help.

depression sucks.... I hope you find something that works for you.
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