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Help wanted

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I broke my leg, and need some help. Thankfully ( I suppose), my husband lost his main job just before, so he is home during the day. In the afternoons, he coaches Varsity tennis, and I need help Monday and Friday afternoons. Mondays, I have to get Marie (my 7 y/o charge) from the bus stop and take her to Irish dancing at RPCS. I would need help from 5:15-7. My daughter is usually with my mother in law for Mondays.

Fridays I need someone that can drive me and my 17 month old daughter to Mcdonogh at 4:30 (leave my house about 4) and take her to violin at st. pauls school. There, I would need you to take my daughter to the playground or something for the 1/2 hour lesson. Then, I would need you to drive my daughter and I home.

There is room for 3 more carseats in my minivan that we could use if you had children that you wanted to bring.

I'm offering $40 for both days, or a childcare swap of some sorts.
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HOW did you break your leg?! That is horrible. I'm sorry I can't help out right now (newborn, new house, etc...).
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