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Help! Weird rash on dd!

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DD has got a pimply looking rash all over her bottom, legs, tummy, and arms. It doesn't seem to be bothering her, and she doesn't act sick. I called the advice nurse at Kaiser who said basically that children get rashes all the time and if she isn't feverish or acting sick, don't worry about it. Of course I am a mama so i am going to worry about it anyway.

Could it be a yeast rash? Can they spread all over? Should I put anti-fungal cream on her body? Help!
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Could it be Roseola? Did she recently have a fever? Dd had it in the spring, it's one of the most common virus kids get. It looked like tiny red bumps all over & was gone in 24hrs.

Hopefully it turns out to be nothing & she's good a new soon

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hand foot and mouth disease is going around here.

In my friends case, and it is appearing in ours to
, that it starts with teeny pimple/ blisters on the behind. My friend then saw some of these on her dd hand and a few red spots in the mouth.
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It doesn't sound like yeast. Yeast doesn't spread all over like that (at least not that I know).

Hopefully she will be rash-free soon!

Thanks for the replies. Amy, she hasn't had a fever. The strange thing is, I had a fever over the weekend, and today I have a rash.
There must be a zillion viruses going around because mine looks nothing like dd's, and I actually felt sick, whereas dd didn't. My friend's baby, with whom we share childcare, had a fever followed by a rash, and a cough. None of the rashes look anything alike.

It looks a little better today. Hopefully it will be gone soon.

What is hand foot and mouth disease? That sounds gross. DD did sample some poop yesterday (gag) but that was after the rash had already appeared.
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hand foot mouth disease is also called coxsackie virus (do a quick search on the web) it is a very common childhood virus.
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