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Help!!! What am I doing wrong??

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I have three in dipes (28 mos, 15 mos, and 16 weeks) and they are all *very* heavy wetters. I have a bunch of different diapers for them:
tykie diapers
prefolds-both BCPF and UBCPF
sugar peas WIO
Lukes drawers AIO
angel wraps AIO
various wool soakers

Anyway, I have never used detergent, I have washed them a bunch in HOT water. Never used fabric softener or dryer sheets~BUT~they ALL soak through 15 mins after I put them on!! I am so frustrated, I am changing diapers all day long, and I am doing 3 loads of laundry a day. Forget going anywhere, every time I do they soak through their clothes and their car seats get soaked too. Also sleeping is out, too.

I didn't start CD'ing until the new babe was born. I really like the idea of it and want to keep using cloth, but not like this!! What am I doing wrong?? I will sell my stash for something that works!!

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I don't think switching diapers is going to help you out. Adding a doubler / booster might. Or going with AIO or PUL/nylon covers.

The 28 month old you could introduce to the idea of using the potty, maybe the 15 month old too. It sounds like they may be waiting for a clean diaper to pee in before they pee. Maybe take off the wet diaper and let them sit on the small potty for a minute or two before putting a new diaper on ? Just a thought - if they pee, great. If they don't, at least they're becoming comfortable with the potty without the pressure to perform.
Right now I have AIO and the FB are PUL. I would like to use cotton or hemp and wool, but the PUL are the ones that work the best at night. I have tried doublers and they are just super huge!! My 2 yo looks like a cowboy when he walks with that much bulk :LOL

I have a 4 yo that is in undies and I have tried to get my 2 yo to learn but he wants nothing to do with it. The 15 mo isn't walking or talking yet so I won't even try it with him right now.

Is my only option going back to sposies? I *really* don't want to do that!
Well, kudos to you for even trying with 3!

I agree with the PP that you should try doublers. If you are that stressed I would work on one child at a time and put the other two in disposies while you get that one figured out.
: I might get stuff thrown at me for saying that, but sheesh, 3 loads a DAY!

Anyway, it looks like you have some good stuff to work with. I'd get some doublers and experiment to find something that works for each of them.
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I will try them again, maybe on different dipes this time.
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Wow! Hats off to you mama! The most I've done is 2 in cloth & that was hard.
I also would agree that doublers would make a difference. I always use doublers. I also always use wool...but maybe you should try 'heavy' wool during the day, too. Do you have any Aristocrats? They are really good at helping to soak up any extra. (I find a lot of thinner covers feel wet instantly) Good luck mama! And hang in there.
Ditto! That's alot to learn at one time. I'd try some good hemp doublers, which are pretty trim, and make sure the wool covers are well lanolized.

Also, it might help to put the older ones in aios, at least while you are working out the kinks. Most people who use fitteds and wool are changing with every pee, and that may not be feasible when you are trying to keep up with three kiddos. The fb and vb should hold up to more than one pee, and if you use the vb you could still have natural material next to their skin.
Wow, 3 in diapers!
is all I can say!

not that you haven't heard it all, but definitely try some doublers, maybe hemp ones - I stuff my pockets with prefolds when dd is going through a heavy wetting phase, they seem to hold more than the hemp inserts do for us. I also agree that maybe you should start off perfecting it with one little one before you go on to numbers 2 and 3. I mean, wow, that's a lot of laundry!!! Good luck to you mama!
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3 Little Monkeys~Thanks
What size prefolds do you use to stuff? I only have premiums.

Also, how do I lanolize my soakers? The ones I bought were already lanolized, but what do I do with the ones I am making?
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