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I've been cloth diapering with my son since he was born 8 months ago. I haven't had any problems with staining on the diapers until today. I was folding up the diapers and noticed that 3 or 4 out of the 30-35 diapers were stained a horrible grayish-brown color all in the front, where he pees. It kind of looks like a mold stain - yuck! Once we had a water leak in the basement and some clothes got moldy and I tossed them. But I have no idea where this could have come from.

We do elimination communication, and he never poops in a diaper, so there was no poop in the laundry, just baby pee.

It had been 3 or 4 days since I last did the laundry, which is typical for us. We use a dry pail.

I switched laundry detergent recently, but have done several loads before now without a problem. I used to use Allen's Naturally liquid detergent, but now I am using Planet Ultra Powdered detergent.

What the heck!?! Why only a few of the diapers? What is the mysterious stain? Why now? I didn't notice anything on the diapers when I changed him and put them in the pail. He has been starting some solid foods, but nothing really weird - and why would that make his pee turn gray/brown in the wash?

Most importantly - how do I get these stains out?

Thanks in advance!
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