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HELP!! Whats happened to it?

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My sewing machine is new. I just took it out of the dang box a few days ago.
Im sewing and the fabric feed will not move the fabirc through I have to Pull It and its really hard to pull it when you are starting a new row and theres no fabric to pull...
Is this something new for newer machines or have I lost my mind or have I mysteriously broke it while removing it from the box...,,UGH WHAT?

Its a singer btw....
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Is there a lever for the feed dogs (the fabric puller) to be up or down? I had a machine that had that option, check in where the bobbin goes, there should be a lever to get the feed dogs back up.
I will check that...I havent had much time to look it all over and see whats what yet..That sounds like it could be the problem ...
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