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HELP! Which hospitals in SLC allow VBACs?

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My sister is 36 weeks pregnant and driving across the country. She's about 5 hours away from SLC (coming to visit me on her way to moving to MN) and her water just broke. She is not having contractions, and this will be her 3rd baby. 1st was a c-section, 2nd was a successful VBAC after 36 hours of labor. My homebirth midwives said they would check her out once they got here, but it's looking like she's probably going to be giving birth here. Which hospitals allow VBACs? I've heard of midwife Danielle, should I call her (my sister wants a midwife in a hospital)? Please help!
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A lot of SLC hospitals allow VBAC. LDS, University, Jordan Valley, SL Regional, St. Marks. I'm not sure about the new IMC in Murray, but I think it does. I had my last baby at University Hosp, and although it was an emergency c/s the care was great. I've heard Jordan Valley, LDS, and St Marks are all great hospitals, but I don't know if there are any midwives at Jordan Valley. There is a group of midwives at IMC I believe. My sister will be delivering there with Julie Jones.
How did things go?
Thanks! We ended up at University and she had a successful, unmedicated VBAC and mom and baby are doing great!
Congrats to your sister! Glad everything went well
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That's great news! Congrats to your sister!
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