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help with a cold...

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my 5 1/2 month old dd has her first cold...
I know, I know, it's good to build her immune system, but she's so sad! She's having trouble nursing since she's so congested. Is there anything I can do?? I try to nurse her as upright as I can, and we are taking turns holding her, so she doesn't have to lay down at all. This seems to help a little. She has a humidifier in her room. Any other ideas that I'm missing?? Thanks!
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Use a dropper to put a few drops of breastmilk up her nose several times a day. It is antibaterial and antiviral and will help loosen any dried mucus in the sinuses. It also doesn't taste bad running down the back of the throat like some of the saline products.

Hope she feels better soon!
Ds has a bad cold now too, and taking him in the bathroom, shutting the door, and running the shower as hot as it wil go seems to give him some relief... we did it at 2 am last night and it helped him sleep.
thanks for the suggestions.

She has a fever too now, 102.5-
Her dad and grandparents had the flu last week, so I figure that's what she's getting...I thought she escaped it because they have been well for a day or two now, but I guess not. I'll try those suggestions though.
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Smart Medicine for a Healthier Child by Zand, Rountree, and Walton...
Sage tea helps to break up congestion and bring down a fever. Give your child one dose of sage tea, up to three times daily, for three to five days...
Newborn to two years. One dose equals...2 or 3 teaspoons of tea. A nursing mother may also take an adult dose of the appropriate herbal treatment.

I got it at Whole Foods -- I think the brand was Alvita, and it seemed to definitely help. I didn't use it on myself, though, because I've heard it can dry up breastmilk.
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