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Help with bleeding, receding, sensitive gums

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My gums are really sensitive, bleeding a lot lately and it seems like I won't have any left in another 5 yrs from now. BF'ing seems to be the cause. What nutrients am I lacking then? What do I need to eat more? Which foods to avoid? Any other remdies that work?
I've asked numerous dentists and I just get the "You need to brush like this" lecture. Which I do, but the problem definitely persists.

Anybody know what I should do?
I don't want to loose all my teeth at 30.


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I also wanted to add, that I have a pierced tongue. Do you think that might be part of the cause?
I am thinking of taking it out.
I'm also wondering what a pierced tongue means accupuncture wise. iykwim
I don't know about bf'ing but my dentist did tell me that a big part of the reason my teeth got so " brittle" {read weak and easily chipped/broken} is because I wasn't getting enough calcium while pg and my body pulled what it needed from 'wherever it could be found' and that it happens to alot of women, especially those with multiple pgs or closely spaced kids... even prenates and calcuim fortified foods like I tend to binge on aren't enough sometimes... He also said it was a sign I might want to talk to my MD about getting on boniva or something of that ilk to get a head start on preventatives against bone loss...
Thank you for the reply! I just found something on chia seeds and that they are very high in calcium. I will try that and see if that hopefully effects my gums as well.
I don't know about MD's anymore. It seems like they only make things worse so many times. We just got new insurance though, maybe our new physician actually cares.
yeah I thought the MD referral was funny. our dentist has known me for a decade and change now. He knows I use the same naturopath his daughter and secretaries do for everything non pg related..
it has spurred me to take more calcium
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