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He definitely doesn't like to be restained in carseats or a regular seatbelt. You said yourself he has had this trouble with being restained at his other homes he's been in.

He is trying others ways to get out of his carseat prison and the fact that he can not is getting him frustrated enough that he is taking it out on others in the vehicle who are in his reach. Since he doesn't understand about the need of being in a carseat to have safety in an accident if it should occur, then you need to find lots (I should say) of ways to distract him from even thinking about trying to find a way to get out of the carseat while the vehicle is in motion until you have made it to your destination. If he is not thinking he is in prison anymore then he will not be taking his frustration out on others. Make sure you try to have a large basket or bag he can have in his reach or let the others help him get to these things while in route and do a switch on them often so he won't get bored.

Another thing is having his therapist quitting on him has taken a toll on his security once again. He has had his security taken from him plenty of time when moved from one home to another. I hope he gets a new one soon and that one stays with him, but there again it will take time to build up a relationship with him to be comfortable with his new therapist. In the meantime go to the place of the former therapist and ask them if they can have someone give you instructions on how to keep him occupied while driving in the vehicle until you get him a new therapist (let them know your need).

I hope for the best in this situation you have here. Good luck and let us know how he is doing in the future.
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