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Has anyone used Sonlight? I recieved a catalog and it seems like a great program, but very expensive. Just wondering if someone could give me advice before I buy.
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My advice is not worth a whole lot as I haven't USED it yet but I did just get him for Pre-K and I like most of the books. We have yet to begin the curriculum though we have read some of the books together.

Have you frequented the forums at Sonlight's site? They are very good resources from moms who have used the curriculum for years and years and can give good advice it seems. There are also yahoo groups of people using Sonlight (I joined the Pre-K one) and it has been very educational for me, not only as I begin to use Sonlight but also teaching me other resources that dovetail nicely with Sonlight, or suggestions for Sonlight adaptions I might like to do instead of the schedule that comes with the Sonlight package.

What I love about it and the reason I purchased it is the literature-based focus. My hyperactive preschooler can't sit for many worksheets or regular books but will sit for long periods being read to and retains a great deal of it, so this system is what I plan to start with. It also fits our family love of books and literature.
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