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Help with fever - please expalain for me. thanks!

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I know there was a thread about fevers and teething but I need more info on the fever part right now.

Ds is working on at least 3 right now. He broke the beginning of a molar and a fang last week and then just stopped, Now there is the last front bottom tooth coming in as well. He woke up with really red cheeks and a 102 fever. (rectal) I gave him a tylenol suppository. He is a bit clingy but in otherwise good spirits. I put him down for a nap and he was warming up again. I don't believe this to be a doctor assitance needed fever. When he broke his first teeth the same thing happenned. The fever broke when the teeth did.

Is the high, must call a doctor, temperature for a 20 month old 104?

What can I do to bring it down naturally? I'm OK using the suppositories but they are every 6 hours and the fever started coming back around 3 1/2.

Any other advise welcome. Thanks!
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Hope this helps!
I love his straight-forward advice here!

Good luck with your little one!
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I wouldn't call a dr. for a fever under 105 in a toddler. I also would not use fever reducers.

he's a total kanoodle bunny today. dh and I are having a great time taking turns curling up and listening to harry potter on cd. I think he's OK just working hard at whatever he's doing.

thanks for the advise.

I would like to know how people use alcohol or cool compresses to reduce a fever. You put it on their forhead or back of the neck or what?
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