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Help with Grandma's Rosacea

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Has anyone beat this problem? My grandmother has it and she wants me to help her find a solution that does no include drugs. I read on Mercola that 1/2patients rid of it on grain-free, especially a wheat free, diet. She is not open to CLO because she took it thourghout childhood and will gag (but she has perfect teeth!). She has stopped drinking wine (red) also.

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Coconut oil, taken both internally as a supplement and applied externally as moisturizer. Has done wonders for my best friends rosacea!
Triggers in my family include caffeine, coffee, tea, tannins, red wine, chocolate, sunlight, and stress.
Thanks to you both. I am bringing her some coconut oil today to try out. I figured instead of the topical med she could aply thins 2X per day and see if it helps plus eat some. I will tell her about the triggers too. She is taking herself off wheat to see if that helps. She eats toast every am but I told her she should try eggs. She wa thrilled because she loves them. I am hoping this works because she keeps calling herself ugly

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In chinese medicine rosacea is caused by "stomach heat rising". If you are familiar with TCM and its concepts this might be easier to understand. means that the stomach is "hot" meaning that is is not digesting well, there are food allergies...things like that. It has been proven that people with rosacea often have low levels of digestive juices. Obviously, getting at the root would be great...make sure there are no allergies ( as in, the grain free diet!, but it could also be other things like dairy, soy). After that, I would look into giving bitters ( bitter herbs) before meals that would help with the digestive juices,and are considered "cooling".

Dont do bitters if there are ulcers or liver issues....check with an herbalist first. Just something like swedish bitter or other digestive bitters from the healthfood store should work.

Also, I was diagnosed with rosacea but then rediagnosed ( is that a word?
) myself ( with the merck manual
with perioral dermititis and that cleared completely with elimination of gluten ( and comes back as soon as I cheat). And the same happened to two of my clients...diagnosed with rosacea, I saw it and thought it was proably perioral dermatitis and then cleared up completely with removal of gluten...

Good luck

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Thanks Tanya. I will send some water kefirs and kombucha my grandma's way to start with the digestion. Isn't gluten evil! It seems to cause so many problems. I have to avoid it too.

Wow, I'm glad I came across this post. I have rosacea and have been applying topical medicine and want to stop. I've tried stopping but my face got red again. I'm going to look more into this.
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