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help with horrible itching (TMI, but i need help!)

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ok, for the past five days or so i have had HORRIBLE itching around my anus area. it is driving me crazy and i can't figure out what in in the world it is! a day or two ago, my vaginal lips also started itching a *little,* but not nearly as much as my anus and i can cope with it as long as there's not something wrong. but the butt, ah... i'm about to break down and cry because it itches so bad!

i'm a week away from my due date, and i've been taking the same multivitamin i've been taking all along (solaray), iron, borage/flax oil, and multidophilus. i've taken all of those for several weeks without problem, although i did just start taking the borage oil 3x day last week. i don't think any of those are the problem, and there have been no major diet changes.

the only thing i can think of is that we have been doing perineal massage (not very regularly, unfortunately
) using extra virgin olive oil, but last friday we did it with a mixture of olive oil and arnica oil, which our midwife gave us. it started itching the next day, i think.

could it be an allergic reaction to the arnica oil? the odd thing is that there is no rash or anything anywhere down there, so i am stumped as to what is causing the itching!

i've been able to get some relief by massaging some arbonne facial cream in the area, and that helps for awhile, but it's not going away. i'm not sure how much longer i can stand this! is it an allergic reaction? yeast infection?! PLEASE HELP!!!!!!

thanks to those of you who respond despite the TMI nature of this post

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the arnica oil is probably the problem--- it is normally used for bruises, hyperextensions, certain swellings and arthritis. It works by stimulating and dilating blood vessels, particularly capillaries that shunt blood either to small veins or capillary beds. on my counter-indicated list is if you develop a rash from using it topically. so let your midwife know and stop using it ASAP
you poor thing. i feel for you, i've had similar things happen. i would try some witch hazel on there. i bet it would give you some relief.
It could also be hemmroids too... they are itchy as hell sometimes and sometimes they can be internal so you may not even *feel* them (physically)...

just a thought, dunno!
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