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So I was doing child led weaning with my son who will be four in April. Early December he came down with a stomach bug and became lactose intolerant . So of course any time he nursed he would get a bad tummy ache and vomit. So we all of the sudden had to cold turkey wean. He understood that milkies was making him sick and that the doctor said when he was better in a week he could try again .<br><br>
Well a week passed and he wanted to nurse so we tried but that night he woke up screaming with a belly ache again so we decided to keep waiting. He now is completely weaned. I definitely prefer not nursing him at night and he seems to sleep better. But during the day he talks about wanting to nurse .. He has a little sister who is one and still nursing so "milkies" are common subject .At night cuddle him and let him hold my " milks" . when he wants to nurse then I say I'd rather trying nursing in the day in case he gets a belly ache so it easier to deal with it.<br><br>
Anyway, I'm sad about the way our nursing relationship has ended. Though he was always a very demanding nurser and had a very difficult time sharing with his little sister. I am not opposed to let him try nursing again just not at night! I just been hesitant especially since my family and friends are not supportive and have called the lactose intolerance " Devine<br>
Intervention "<br><br>
Anyway I was just wondering if anyone had a similar experience and had any advice.
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