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Help with my wool and a another ?

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I have several "natural" almost white KP's in angora and cashmere. These are getting a little discolored from dust etc. I've washed and washed but they still look "dingy". I'm open to suggestions on whitening and brightening them or I may throw one in the washer (on the wool setting).

My other question wasnt there a "bragging" thread? Where you could say what you want what you're stalking etc?
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I've heard (but not tried) that oxyclean will help brighten your wool. I would give it a try - I would not use it with every wash but everything in moderation, right?

As far as bragging - I think now that the forums are merged once again you can post pictures & brag here...but someone correct me if I'm wrong.
I'm not sure it's "staining" if so I'd sun it but it's more like deep dirt that WoW isn't getting out. I'm going to try a super sudsy eucalan bath tonight. Maybe I'll put it in the window to dry after I wash it. Do you think a bar would work better?
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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