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I'm going to be attending a Doula workshop April 24-26th, and I'll need ds to take a bottle while I'm gone during the day. He's 15 weeks old on Sunday, and has never had to take one. We also don't use a pacifier, so he's only had my nipples to suck on.

I've just started pumping, and I'm getting a fairly good amount, so I think I'll have enough milk in the freezer by then, but how do I go about getting ds to take a bottle from DH? I was thinking maybe I should nurse him so that he's not too hungry and then let him sort of play with the bottle so that he thinks of it in the same way as nursing? Or, should I just leave and let DH try it out completely without any intro to it? It does look like I could have DH come by with ds during the meal breaks if he absolutely won't take the bottle, but he still nurses every 2 hours or so during the day unless he's napping, so I'd like him to be able to take a bottle or two during this time period.
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