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Help with swelling feet & ankles in 3rd trimester?

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Hi mamas: I'm definitely in my 3rd trimester as my feet and ankles have started to swell by the end of the day. Anyone w/ any good rememdies for this? TIA!
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My midwife recommended going swimming, or just hanging out in a pool for a while. Apparently the pressure from all of that water can help push the fluid back into the trunk of your body. Not easy to do all of the time, but it might give you some relief some of the time. Otherwise, putting your feet up regularly might help a little. Good luck!
Swimming definately helps keep my swelling down, I've been having Reflexology which really helps too. Drink plenty of water and Nettle Leaf tea is good for supporting our hard working kidneys. My reflexologist told me to try and circle and flex my feet/ankles for about 10mins morning & eve, it doesn't do wonders but I think it helps a little.

Good luck
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I swore by wearing graduated-compression pantyhose with DD. With greater pressure at your feet/ankles, and less at the top, it really helped keep the fluid from accumulating.

The brand I wore has been discontinued, but No Nonsense has some out with some that I plan on trying.


Oh, I just remembered. If you try them, put them on FIRST THING in the morning. With medical support hose, you're supposed to put them on before you even stand up. I couldn't quite manage that feat while pregnant, though!
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Dandelion root helps alot!! Take about 6 a day, not all at once. But it will help with water retention.

It's also good for treating Rh factor issues pre and post birth if you are opposed to Rhogam.
Thanks for the replies, mamas! How much dandelion root and in what form, may I ask? And how much nettles leaf tea? Any brand recommendations? I'll also be looking into the support hose - though isn't it quite hot for the summer months?
Nettle tea ~ I buy the loose leaves in bulk and brew an infusion along with RRL, measurements are about 1 handful (1oz) of herbs to 1pint of boiling water and brew for at least 4hrs ( I leave my over night)

You can also try elevating you feet for an hour and soaking in epsom salts.
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