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HELP! Wondoroos Leak

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I bought Wondoroos a while back. I was thinking about buying more because of the sale
, but they keep leaking for me
: . They leak off the side of the dipe. I use the rinse 3 cycle times after a hot wash.

I use them as a nighttime dipe with INFANT size Prefold. Should I use a PREMIUM prefold or JB instead?

Are WOnderoos best for daytime only?

Any thoughts?
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I don't have wonderoos but I do have FB's and there's no way that an infant cpf would work for us overnight. We went from two Jb's to three jb's then to a nightnewt soaker in our FB's.
Thanks, I just ordered a couple of Premium CPFs and more JB's (currently only own ONE) to try with them!
I don't have any wonderoos yet either but do have FBs. My dd is only 4 months old and an infant would never work for us either. I have to use either 2 JoeyBunz or an infant PF and a JoeyBunz and they are saturated in the morning, sometimes I think I need more stuffing.
ITA - add more stuffing and absorbancy and they should work fine
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nodding in agreement. one joey for day 2 at night
Like everyone else said I think you need more absorbency. You mentioned that the diaper was leaking out the side. Wonderoos have a wider crotch than FB or some of the other pockets, so make sure whatever insert you are using is wide enough to completely fill the pocket.
Is the insert completely soaked?

Ifso, i'd say it's a absorbancy issue. You need more stuff'n...I have bought a dozen 3layer hemp inserts from jamtots and they rock
I think a 2 layer would have been more than enough though...doh!

Ifnot, you either have repelling or fit issues.
repelling, scrub the suedecloth with dawn and run through your washer until you have no more suds. If you have hard water AT ALL, you might consider getting some calgon water softener (looks like fabric softener, get it at walmart) which helps remove soap buildup.

Fit issues:
because wonderoos are "one size" you need to tinker with the stuffing sometimes to get the fit just right. I've had more problems when he was littler and I was trying to use too thin of a insert. You might consider a doubler/extra bulk between the legs to pad out and fill in the gaps more, or try a *thinner* insert and a smaller rise setting...

Let us know how it goes!!
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