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Help!! Wool!! Scratchy!!

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I barrowed a oair of soaker pants form a friend to see if I can get them soft again. They are REALLY scratchy and came that way. A lot of other people who bought soakers from the same knitter complained to her abou tthe scratchiness too.

Is there any way to make them soft again? Is it possible that they arent 100% wool though the knitter says they are?
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Some wool is just scratchy. Pickle pants are a bit rougher, but they are still awsome! Some are really rough. That depends on hte wool used.
Some scratchy yarn softens up nicely after a few washings. Also, lanolizing helps soften the yarn up too. Try washing it a few times and lanolizing and I bet it will soften up for you.

Have you contacted the person who knit the items?
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no, I dont know who made it
Yeah, it depends on the kind of sheep how soft or scratchy the wool is. I would lanolize it to death (let it soak overnight) and hope that after a few uses it softens up. Sadly, some wool is just scratchy.

I've never quite understood why people make baby items out of scratchy wool. I can get a skein of Plymouth Galways for $5.99 that is as soft as butter, before I knit a soaker I always make sure my yarn is as soft as can be.
well I want to remind this isnt my soaker, it is my friends, so said she got it off ebay and that everyone else she knows said their soaker was rough too. She probably bought cheap wool because it was a cheap(as in cost) soaker. My friend said she lanolized it a few times and it didnt help.

Is there anything else? It just seems TOO scratchy, I mean I have had scratchy wool before, this is more like sandpaper and I wouldnt ever put it on a child.
imo, no, there is nothing else. you can't change the molecular nature of the wool, kwim?
Mmmm, buttery wool... yes Plymouth is lovely. And I love cascade even more I think!

Sigh, wool.

I'm covered in oozey juicy wool tonight... been knitting and crocheting like a wild woman.

ok, well I guess that is it them. I thought you could condition it somehow, but obviously this soaker just needs to be put on a doll.
Soak the soaker in a solution of hair conditioner and water (I've used a squirt of conditioner in maybe a quart of water, shake well and pour over the wool) for five minutes or so. Rinse out, but not hard; you want some conditioner left in the fibers. Then lanolize and don't rinse. If it's not softer after that, it's no use. But the conditioner works wonders for me.
Did this soaker used to be soft?

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Originally Posted by kimberlylibby
I'm covered in oozey juicy wool tonight... been knitting and crocheting like a wild woman.
: Oozey juicy
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