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Hello....I am on my second round of nursing. We BF baby #3 for like 7 months and then literally like overnight I lost my explaination. Now we have beautiful baby #4 and I am determined to nurse her AS LONG as SHE wants...and I am trying to prevent any milk crisises. Problem...hubby and I are both in nursing school and she will be spending time with the sitter, and I am going to be going back to work at some point in the next month or so. She will only be with the sitter like 6 hours a week (other times DH will stay at school with her so I can nurse during class breaks). When I go back to work he will also bring her up once a shift to nurse. What else can I do though??? I have a ton of pumps so I will be pumping when away too, but what can I do herbally or with meds? What is domperidone???? How does it work??? I cannot loose my milk again at 7 months...I want to expereince the joy of nursing her as long as she needs. Thanks a ton!!!
Please e-mail me or PM with advice ([email protected])
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