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Hi there!

Well, I think first it would be good for you to assume that everything will be just fine.
Try not to stress about it too much (easier said than done I'm sure). You definitely don't want to take anything to supplement your supply until you develop a problem (IF you develop a problem) - you definitely don't want an OVERsupply problem, that can be just as bad!

Domperidone is a drug that is used for gastointestinal upset. It is prescribed to infants as well as adults, so it is considered very safe to use while nursing.

Some women who pump while they work notice a bit of a decrease in supply after a while. Domperidone usually does an extremely effective job of increasing supply again.

You can find more info on domperidone here :

In addition, I highly recommend reading Dr. Jack Newman's handouts if you haven't already. He has a lot of great info in there.

What type of pump are you going to use? I use the Medela Pump In Style and have pretty good results with it.

I'm sure everything will work out just fine - it sounds like you have a great game plan! And, since you'll be pumping, you'll be able to tell pretty effectively if your supply goes down, because you'll get a lot less when you pump.

Oh, one other thing - you might want to try pumping a few times before you go back to work. Some women don't get much milk when they pump and to some extent, the more you use a pump the more milk you'll get each time you use it - almost as though there's a learning curve for your breasts.

Hope this helps. I'm sure some more learned ladies will reply with some good info!
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