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about two months ago, I went to a Weight Watchers meeting and I started following their core plan but not counting points. (basically all fruits and veggies are 'free', 2 servings low-fat meat, one serving potatoes, rice or w.w. pasta are 'free', and certain other grains like quinoa, couscous, oatmeal, and some others are 'free.') Fat free dairy is also 'free' but I prefer to just limit my intake and have my organic, non-homogenized, whole milk.

I did GREAT on it just doing it myself, no meetings or anything because I can't afford 11 bucks a week, for about 2 weeks. I wrote out menus. It worked really well. I lost 5 pounds, and I didn't 'crave' the extra carbs, chocolate, junk. (I did for a day or so, but it went away.)

Then I went to my friend's for her dd's b-day and a rummage....well, that weekend, I paid attention to NOTHING and since then, I haven't really gotten back into the habit very well. Since then, I've started craving the sugar and everything again. :p:p

I need more recipes for one thing. I've got about a week's worth of dinners that I can just repeat forever :p:p
I want to start doing this again starting Monday, after the fam. reunion.

Also, where do you get the w.w. PASTRY flour? I'd like to start baking with that.
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I can help you with the WW pastry flour

2 C MINUS 2 Tablespoons basic WW flour + 2 Tablespoons cornstarch = 2 C WW pastry flour

(so basically, measure out 2 C flour... remove 2T.... add 2T cornstarch)
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This is the kind I use - my health food store carries it but you can order online too:
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