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I am due with my second boy in august. I wanted to cloth diaper our first but it never happened. Now im determined. I need help though.
What kind of cloth diapers do you recommend, And why?
Please be specific with me as I know NOTHING about them!

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I use chinese prefolds with Dappi wraps. I like the cpf because I could buy them cheap used, they wash well, and go into any wrap. The Dappi wraps I bought new (12 for $30) online and they work great. Good luck mama and I'm proud of you for going after cding this time around!!!
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I'm a fan of pocket diapers. I used to use Fuzzi Bunz, but now I make all of my own. If I didn't make them, I would probably still be using Fuzzi Bunz. Pockets are nice because you can stuff them with as much absorbancy as you need, they are generally pretty trim, they dry quickly, and they have a stay-dry liner (usually fleece or suedecloth) next to baby's skin.

I also like prefolds and covers. Which is great if you need something inexpensive. I like Bummis sww covers. I'm also a fan of wool. Pull-up soakers over two prefolds is a bullet-proof night-time dipe for us. And so breathable too.

I always tell people who are new to cloth to try a variety. Most diaper stores offer sampler packages with a little bit of everything. You can figure out what you like, buy more of it, then sell off the rest (or keep it for back-up...whatever

And you can always call the store (most have a number listed on their site) and the owner can help you out and give personalized advice.
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I am a big fan of pockets and I love fuzzi bunz. Fuzzi Bunz are what got us into cloth diapering in the first place. ALthough I have also used fitteds and covers and also liked those.
I think you probably need to decide on a system... i.e. prefolds/ fitteds/ pockets or a mixture of those and then chose your product. Sometimes when starting out its a good idea to get a little of something instead of a huge amount of one thing and then decide you hate it.
We just found that fuzzi bunz were very easy for use to use and the gathers around the legs seem to contain poo very well. My husband is very happy to use fuzzi bunz, whereas I don't know if I could have convinced him to use prefolds...ya know?
Good luck!
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Although I have cloth diapered all 3 of my kids, I still have no idea what a prefold vs a pocket vs a fitted vs an AIO IS!
What has worked for me is to call up the local diaper service, have them deliver a bunch of super basic cloth diaps, then scour the thrift stores & Ebay for diaper covers.
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I second the idea to try a variety. I bought a few new and a variety of used, and am sooo glad I didn't splurge on what I thought I wanted when Preg. I was sure I'd want pockets, but didn't end up liking the fit of FuzziBunz on DS at all. I much prefer prefolds or fitteds under wool covers.
A good site for basic info is Karen's Diaper Pages.
all your suggestions are very helpful in deciding what I will go with!
thanks again
For me, cost was an issue. I wanted to CD to save money, so I bought 2 dozen prefolds and 6 covers (a mix of Bummis SWWs and Proraps). I have since added a few Fuzzi Bunz for nighttime use, but I just couldn't plunk down the money for a whole stash of FBs. I really like using prefolds.
I use flatfolds + covers for daytime and fuzzi bunz for nighttime. I started out with gerber flats and then i bought some indian flats (birdseye) off and use the gerber ones as a general doubler when i need it
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I use hemp fleece prefold and Nikki Heavy Duty Poly Wrap. I got them at This really works for me. I have cd 6 babies now. I started out with flat diapers and Nikki wraps and moved to Mother's Ease then to the custom fitted diapers by a variety of WHAMS. The WHAM diapers were way cute and worked really well. I just got a little
buying diapers and trying to get stains out. Then it really bothered me that I had to cover up those cute diapers with wraps. The only drawback to the snap WHAM diapers were they tended to take a long time to dry. Now I am back to Prefolds and Nikkis because it is simple for me and they work! I don't worry about them staining. It is a simple method to use for me, and it is economical since I only have to worry about wrap sizes and not diaper sizes. Good luck
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prefolds and covers are definitely the cheapest way. although Fuzzi Bunz do retain their value really well, too, so if you sell them when you are done you can be frugal that way too.

I started off right with pockets and AIO's, and I am very happy with them. I tried a ton because I wanted to see what I liked best, but I could have just bought fuzzi bunz and that would have been fine too. they are one of my favorites - soft, cute, easy to use, customizable. and like I said, good resale value.

if you're planning on CD'ing right from the start, kissaluvs size 0 are supposedly the best for newborns... I didn't start until DS was 12 months old so I am only going on what I've heard

oh and if you're not averse to buying used, is a great resource!
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