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So the washer & dryer have been in storage for 2 weeks & we don't fly until next week & the laundrymats in this area are HORRENDOUS to say something nice about them. My neighbor offered to let me use her washer & I agreed. I'm not even using my normal routine...I just want to get the pile clean! I got them started & then came home to get the kids ready for bed. Sent dh over to put them in the dryer...well he was too busy watching the movie they were watching & my neighbor put them in...With TWO dryer sheets!!!!!!!!! It's not her fault, she didn't know...but DH WAS THERE!

I think I can stretch the diapers until we move into temp housing on Monday that has wasing facilities in each unit...this has been HARD! I've talked myself out of sposies you don't want to know how many times...

I wish this move was over!!!!
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