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Helpful tip for newbies

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OK, I admit, I am a newbie myself, but I just figured out something very useful. Being a nursing mother, I drink a LOT of water. Like, 2 gallons a day. Which means I have to pee a lot, too. So I put the baby on the potty as I am going. As soon as she hears me doing it, she does as well. Just like mommy!

Ruby is 5 months old and just started ECing 4 weeks ago.
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yeah this is a great tip since it not only helps with ec but also solves the problem of where to put baby while i go tothe bathroom.

i used to aim my pee so as to make the loudest possible sound.

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Oooh I really like this idea! We're trying EC right now - he's 4 months old and I'm trying to cue him whenever I know he's pooping, to begin with. I haven't had a chance to read the books but just wanted to get started.

Where do you put the baby on potty, while you're going?
Well, it's actually kinda funny. I sit backwards, and baby is on her BBLP on the tank of the toilet. Obviously I have to keep one hand on her at all times. I imagine it might work with BBLP on the floor or on a counter, if your bathroom is configured that way.

I've also tried the way illustrated in ingrid bauer's book, where baby sits on the toilet right in front of you. (you scoot way back) But have had no luck that way. She really likes her BBLP.
Thank you! Backwards - that would work. We have the toilet in a room w/ a door setup so no counter :LOL

I tried once to sit way back but I take up too much space :LOL

Thanks for letting me know that I'm not the only one who "takes up too much space" on the potty!
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yeah.. same here.. it doesn't work on the big potty that way.. maybe because my dd was "late starter" and prefers her BBLP?? She's finally using the big potty with insert on top.. (yahhh) still prefers BBLP to go poop poop
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Another way it could work if your toilet is in a corner and you can't fit backwards (like my upstairs bathroom) is to put the bblp on a wooden stepstool, in front of the toilet.
still prefers BBLP to go poop poop
so does my dd! i always keep the bblp on the floor. our counter is not big enough and if dd finishes before me she is not one to sit still and wait <sigh>
I'm sure that when our dd gets old enough to sit up on her own, we will have the bblp on the floor, too.
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