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This is a Call to Action for those in or near Central Maryland.

The Tsunami that hit South Asia has already killed over 100,000
people. More are expected to die as diseases such as malaria and
cholera hit. Survivors require medical attention, food, clean water,
clothing, and shelter.

We can help.

The organizations that are helping Tsunami survivors aren't accepting
items, but they are accepting money.

So, here's what I was thinking...

We could gather any items we don't want anymore (toys, clothing,
etc.), and encourage our friends, neighbors, and family members to do
the same. Then, we could have a "yard sale". All proceeds could be
donated to Doctors Without Borders (aka Medecins Sans Frontieres)

They do a lot of great work all around the world - check out their
website for more info.


I need help.

We need to find a place to hold this "yard sale". Since it's Winter,
we'll need an indoor location. I'm thinking community center, church/
temple/ synagogue, some place like that. Big bonus if they have tables
and chairs that we can use - and if they're willing to give us the
space for free. I'm aiming for a weekend in February at the latest.

Then we need advertising. A flyer that says the date/time/location of
the yard sale, and has a phone number to call so people can donate
more items to the cause (my phone number is fine - I can drive around
and pick up items, or have them dropped off at my house). Also, ads in
the Pennysaver and anywhere else you can think of.

Then we need people to set up and "man" the tables at the yard sale.
And, of course, help cleaning up afterwards.

Mommystinch has also suggested having a bake sale along with it. So, we
could make cookies, brownies, pies, cakes, breads, etc.

So, who's in?

If you're willing to help, please respond to this thread, or PM me.
Let me know how you want to help! Let's get this idea off the ground,
and do our best to help those people who have been through such a
devestating experience!

Thank you!


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I cannot help organize but I would be happy to spend some time helping out. Most of my household excess has gone to our local woman's shelter but I can contribute baked goods.

There is a Woman's Farmer's Assc lot which has a jumble sale- mostly crafts, some furniture and art- on Wisconsin Ave in Bethesda on Wed and Sundays. I bet we could set up in there and they might waive whatever fee they have we demonstrate it's all for charity. I dunno. And we'd have to bring our own tables....but the foot traffic on a nice Saturday is tremendous.

Just a thought.

Let me know when to show up and where to stand. : )

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It looks like we have a location in Arnold, MD (Anne Arundel County). Still working on date/time. I'll post when it's definite.

I've started a Yahoo Group for people who want to help:

For anyone who just wants to donate items, let me know when you're finished gathering those items. I can pick them up.
Or, if you prefer, you can drop them off at my house, or perhaps at the Fundraiser location.

Any help you can provide would be very much appreciated, Moon! But, I know A.A. County is a bit far for you. If it's too much, don't worry about it!
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