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Is it possible for baby to get a hemmorhoid when starting solids. Ds 9 months has been getting solids pretty consistently (ingesting that is) for about a month now. Everything has been going well, we're doing a combo of BLW and a bit of puree/ mainly oatmeal with pureed fruit. His stools don't always seem hard, but they are firm most of the time. He also is straining quite a bit with some of them, although never for more than a couple of minutes.

But after some poops he does have a small red bump which does kind of look like it could be a hemmorhoid. We've been using a bit of California baby cream but nothing else.

Do you think I should give him some prunes? Right now he's having quite a bit of oatmeal, applesauce, bananas, sweet potatoes and his new favorite, black beans. Do you think it's too much banana (he has about 1/2 banana a day)?
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With DS, I just try not to give him constipating foods on a daily basis. So, he might get banana a few times a week, but not every day. All of the foods you listed (besides the beans) can be constipating, so maybe try mixing it up with sone other foods? Prunes, pears, spinach, carrots... You might have to experiment to see how different foods affect his system.
Yeah, I kind of started to see that once I typed them all out. I think I'll be inroducing prunes today!
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We also introduced dried cherry really early. Those suckers cleared up any hint of constipation.
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