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Am I the only June mama having problems with this already? I never have had them before
It really sucks.
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Nope - I've been having them off and on throughout this pregnancy. I never had them in my first pg, I got them after I delivered. They suck!
I'm never constipated...I'm the exact opposite.
I've gotten them once or twice this pg, too - usually after sitting for a long time - a month or so ago we had an LLL workshop where I had to sit on a hard chair for hours listening to talks, and the next day - ouch!!
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One more joy of pregnancy. LOL Susun Weed has some suggestions in her book (Wise Woman's Herbal for the Childbearing Year), or check with your mw/ob... They don't have to be that uncomfortable.
i get them on and off this pregnancy too. usually if i have a tougher time on the potty. i tend to be a bit more bound anyway, and the straining will sometimes cause one, but it goes away in a couple hours and haven't been completely painful, just annoying...
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