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hemorroid help

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I just birthed my 2nd beautiful girl yesterday morning. All is well but the massive hemorrhoid that I received while pushing - ooowwwiiieee! It's huge - about the size of an olive. Can anyone give me any suggestions to deal with this. It hurts so much. Thanks mamas!
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Congrats!!!!!!!!! I have heard, but never tried, slicing a potatoe into a matchstick size and inserting. Like I said, heard it but never tried it. Maybe lots of warm soaks also?

With dd, I had terrible hemmorhoids. Yes, they can feel like grapes! It's so fun.

I dealt with it multiple ways: a salve from motherlove called "rhoid balm", frequent hot herbal sitz baths (for my perenium tear and stitches), applying witch hazel extract directly with tp every time my bottom was bare, sitting on an inflatable donut thing, keeping the area scrupulously clean, and eating well to prevent constipation. I also took a lot of flax seed oil and continued drinking a ton of nettles. This time I would add homeopathic hamemelis 30c (or is it 30x??) to my list of remedies.

Good luck, and enjoy your babymoon!
Oh Mama, I so feel for you!! Rhoids are THE WORST!! I had a horrible time with them both times I gave birth. I did the frequent sitz baths, they didn't really help with pain, I haven't tried any of the topical creams but will probably have some on hand (one of the more natural ones from the health food store) next time. What I DID do that really helped with #2 (REALLY bad hemmorhoids, HUGE with obvious blood in them) was acupressure. My dh follows chinese medicine and does acupuncture, so I had someone right there who was able to do it. But it really helped with pain & swelling. I noticed a difference immediately. So if you don't have an acupuncture/acupressurist, maybe you could find the points online and try it yourself?. In anycase, I hope you feel better soon! (it took about a week and then mine went away) Hope it's quick for you, ENJOY your baby!

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Thanks so much mamas! I'll keep trying your suggestions. Today is day 4 and I'm not experimenting much relief yet...but in due time...right? It's comforting to know that this isn't such an uncommon problem. When I first saw them I thought I'd broken the record for hemmorrhoid size. Thanks again!! My sweetie is doing great and makes all of my healing so worth it!!!
As soon as possible - push it back in: take a warm shower, use a little lube or soap, insert it back in and keep your buttcheeks squeezed tight!

The best way for them to heal is inside. So whenever you find it's protruded again, put it back in.

Also do whatever you can to make sure your bowel movements are soft and easy - smooth move tea, psyllium husks, warm tea or a bit of coffee in the morning...

I know: more info than you probably need!!
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What made my 'roids go away is this:

Grate some potato into a breast pad. Then Put it in your undies *You know where lol*
my doula told me the other day that the only thing that helped her was cutting a thin ( like baby finger width) slice of potato and inserting it up there.. she said at first it felt so yucky but when she woke up the next day the hemmheroids were gone and you just poop it out with your next BM.. i know it sounds gross, but apparently it works.

congrats on your sweet baby!
I agree with "loved"... push them back in
I got hemorroids after my second, and I just pushed the roids back in when I had my showers..... I also tryed to not let myself get constipated, as that sucks, with hemorroids.

And congrats on the little one
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