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Hemp liners..

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New cder here...

What is important in a liner?
Is Hemp fleece topped w/ burley & thirsty terry on the inside good?
How much should I pay for a liner?
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I'm still somewhat new at this, but I'll have a bash at your question.

What important in an insert depends on your child. Mine is a heavy wetter so absorbancy is very important to us. We use a 4 layer fleece hemp insert, folded in half, usually with a microfleece insert on top. The hemp sucks up liquid better than anything else I've found. The microfleece wicks it away from the skin.
How much you pay for a liner varies on the content and company. Hemp and organic cotton is going to be on the more expensive side. I've found you really need to try things for yourself to know what works for you.

1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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